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The Office of High Sheriff of Lancashire

The High Sheriff of Lancashire has ancient origins and is personally appointed by the Queen in her Right as Duke of Lancaster. The office, as Keeper of the Queens Peace, is unpaid and held for one year.


As High Sheriff of Lancashire I am very much aware that many people had planned events and church services to commemorate 75years since the end of WWII in Europe.

The Nation owes an enormous debt to the sailors, soldiers and airmen who brought the war to its conclusion. At home there was a similar struggle which was dealt with by the Civil Defence, Police, Fire and Ambulance Services all of whom made such a huge contribution to life in Britain.

Seventy-five years on these same services are undertaking a major role in helping us cope with the coronavirus pandemic, plus many others who are working in health and caring professions and these numbers include a great many volunteers.

I had hoped to go out to all the regions of the County to join in the commemorative events, clearly that is not possible, so I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of those of us who are able to stay safely at home, to say a big Thank You to all those making a difference to other people’s lives at the moment. My husband and I will wave a flag in gratitude just as he did 75 years ago!

AHP on VE day